Diagnostic Wax-Ups and Study Models

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We offer diagnostic wax-ups and study models for all of your consultation needs. 

Diagnostic wax-up

Diagnostic wax-ups give patients an accurate approximation of their post-treatment appearance.  They can help increase case acceptance by allowing a patient to visualize the improvement in their smile’s esthetics.

A technician simply removes necessary tooth structure from preoperative model and reconstructs the model to convey post-operative results

Study models

Similar to a diagnostic wax-up, study models provide a record of a patient’s occlusion before treatment.  It allows your patients to see the dramatic improvement their treatment has made.  Study models also allow you to easily transfer a patient’s case, should another clinician need the models in the future.

Send us your wax-up or study model request today.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding a wax-up or study model.

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