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BruxZir® is a monolithic zirconia crown that was created to provide a stronger alternative to traditional PFMs and cast gold restorations.  Unlike many competing products, BruxZir® restorations are solid zirconia without any porcelain overlay. Because of its solid structure, BruxZir® restorations are nearly chip-resistant, making them ideal for patients who brux or grind.

The life-like translucency and color of BruxZir® restorations makes it a preferred solution for many doctors and patients, and with a glazed exterior surface, plaque formation is decreased, promoting better oral hygiene.  BruxZir® crowns are entirely biocompatible and are manufactured from medical grade zirconia.

Using the accuracy of CAD/CAM technology, the fit of BruxZir® restorations is ultra-precise.  Because of this precision, BruxZir® crowns offer a solution for patients who lack sufficient prep space for traditional PFMs.


  • Crowns, bridges, implants, inlays, and onlays
  • Posterior and anterior teeth


  • Bevel preps

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